'League Of Legends' Taliyah Abilities: What's Special About The New Champ

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 05, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Riot games continue to champion lady characters in the launching of Taliyah in the "League of Legends." Fans' reception are still mixed but most are pleased with the prospect of having a new playable personality in the League.

According to Rift Herald, the exceptional rock surfer, Taliyah, will be a powerful addition to the "League of Legends" as a mid-lane with its star ability called Weaver Wall. With an increased speed, she will be using up her Q capabilities and threaded volley. Taliyah can also be quite dangerous through her Seismic Shove against enemies and can make the pain rain by dropping explosive boulders using the Unraveled Earth move.

Any combination of Taliyah's moves can prove to be beneficial for or detrimental against players of the "League of Legends." Unlike any other character, Twinfinite reported that Taliyah can be enabled to vocally interact with other "League of Legends" champions and a specific skin called "Freljord Taliyah" along with additional ice to her attacks can be expected by some qualified players. In addition to that, Taliyah might also be towing a baby moose based on a previous illustration.

However, Taliyah's release faced much fanfare and minor scrutiny. Aside from being compared to the popular show "Avatar", some League players are responding negatively to her physical appearance based on Kotaku's report. A minor criticism easily and aggressively addressed by champion designer, Daniel Klein.Through a Twitter statement, Klein rejected the limiting response to the character and comparison to the more conventionally-beautiful "League Of Legends" champions.

"Taliyah is a young girl struggling with an elemental power unlike anything anyone's ever seen before," He clarified. "She's a girl struggling with protecting her loved ones from an ancient power vs worrying that SHE will hurt them."

The League looks like they still need to settle character projection differences but Taliyah seems to be packaged in a special way. However, the official incorporation of Taliyah in the game is still pending until a confirmed announcement is made by the creators of the "League of Legends".

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