'Oculus Rift' Struggles To Maintain Hype Amidst Criticisms: Where Is The Exclusivity Flak Coming From And Can It Really Compete With Other VR Headsets?

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 10, 2016 03:20 AM EDT

"Oculus Rift" market and consumer attraction appear to be going downhill, after being met with a series of delays and bumps on the manufacturing line. The criticism from tech reviews added to the burden of Oculus as they battle for game exclusivity with other virtual reality competitors rising to the occasion.

According to Khaleej Times, the "Oculus Rift" is competing against HTC Vive as game titles exclusive for "Oculus Rift" are now open to being played in other VR wearable gadgets. Such occurrence placed "Oculus Rift" at the losing end of the bragged title of exclusivity.

"Oculus Rift" also lost their edge as more game developers are inclined to use HTC Vive as a virtual reality-immersed platform. This is brought on by the fact that the thing setting the two virtual reality wearable technology apart are their controllers. "Oculus Rift" is going aggressive by launching a touch-screen enabled controller soon to phase the traditional gamepad out.

Bigger problems are sprouting for "Oculus Rift" as Sony also expressed special interest in joining the virtual reality gaming. Famous PS4 game titles will be optimized in a Playstation Virtual Reality System that is compatible with the latest console.

"Oculus Rift" was also sidelined in the recent attempt to set Guinness Word Record using a virtual reality headset. In a report by the Washington Post, Derek Westerman used HTC Vive for 25 hours while playing Google's Tilt Brush game. He created a new painting on top of every hour, never pausing to sleep and being fed by the staff present.

The trouble also seem relentless as a hard-hitting review of "Oculus Rift" circulated that outlined its negative impact in terms of sociability and family life for the gamers. In the News.Com.Au, "Oculus Rift" is presented as a threat to actual relationships, and will foster more disconnect in human interactions in the already problematic smartphone generation.

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