'Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X' Excites Mobile Users: Breaches 2 Million Download Mark A Month After Debut

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated May 12, 2016 05:19 AM EDT

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" which was introduced to the mobile crowd barely a month ago, proved to be a hit among app users. The game, a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney, has been downloaded for more than 2 million times in the first month alone.

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" surged through the top lists of most downloaded games in both iOS App Store and Google Play platforms, reports Gear Nuke. Since its launch last April 7, 2016, the game has been consistent in terms of download, with enough staying power to be included in the top list of most downloaded games on both iOS and Android rankings. This explains the 2 million downloads of the game, an outstanding achievement considering its very recent introduction.

"Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" was developed as a prequel to the main game "Kingdom Hearts." In the Kingdom Hearts chronology, Unchained X is set in a pre-Keyblade war era, which makes it the earliest game among the Kingdom Hearts games according to ShackNews.

The Kingdom Hearts series is a collection of role-playing crossover action games, reports Wikipedia. The series is a collaboration of Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios and introduced Sora as its main character searching for his friends through different worlds. It is a lively game because it mixes other characters from different hit shows from Disney, "The World Ends with You" and even "Final Fantasy."

The recently introduced "Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X" is the mobile version of its predecessor, the Kingdom of Hearts X. Introduced to the Japanese market last July 18, 2013, "Kingdom Hearts X" also known as "Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers," is a PC-based browser game. The PC game was only available in Japan since its introduction, until the debut of its mobile version last April, the "Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X."

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