'Sims 4' For PS4 and Xbox Delayed?: What's Making The Wait Longer?; Info On the Restaurant Expansion Leaked!

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 15, 2016 11:01 PM EDT

Console gamers might want to hold off on playing God for a while. "Sims 4" is still impending release as EA and Maxis developers work on issues that will make the game fully compatible to PS4 and Xbox One. Previously, it was all green lights in "Sims 4" for the Windows and Mac released in 2014.

According to Nuerogadget, "Sims 4" console issues is deeply rooted on it being a PC game. The developers always face a dead end or a bug that disrupts the whole game production process. However, EA and Maxis promised the Restaurant expansion pack for Windows and Mac OS will arrive soon after the "Sims 4" game proper initial release.

A lot of new things are in store for "Sims 4" in both the console and PC version as a pre-launch copy was already issued to some gamers. Creating a Sim and the build modes are overhauled to accommodate more emotional states directly affecting Sims social life. "Sims 4" will most likely provide more hairstyles, race, body customization, clothing, age and even facial expressions.

While it seems like a longer wait, News Everyday stated that "Sims 4" fans can expect that PS4 and Xbox One release later this year or the first quarter of 2017. To appease the fans with delays, EA and Maxis are also reportedly working on different DLC and add-ons. A Pet expansion pack is reportedly in the works while the "Sims 4" for PCs is also looking at a unisex-add on that will give Sims a more androgynous look.

Talk about overcompensation for the "Sims 4" waiting game. As seen in a trailer posted last month, iTechpost reported that a kiddie stuff pack will also be released among other game releases scheduled. Stuff packs include Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden and Dine Out. "Sims 4" is looking like the crowning jewel of all Sims as the excitement is maintained with a promise of new DLC and gameplay updates.

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