'Doom' Is Now Available: Why The 2016 Revival Is One To Watch Out For?

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 16, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

The king of all first person shooter games is back with a vengeance. The "Doom" 2016 revival was released last May 13, 2016 to the much expected fanfare. Much to the game community's gratitude, "Doom" remains to be the game release that placed the genre on the map and started the fuss about FPS games.

According to the Mirror UK, id Software upgraded "Doom" based on the many reviews and suggestions from the fans and critics alike. Without much hesitation, it labelled the said "Doom" release as the best shooter game of 2016 with an improved color palette and environment, easy-to-navigate and quite amazing-looking maps and speedy gameplay transitions.

"Doom" players can expect to fall through the action immediately, setting the bar so high for future FPS games. Demons will come as soon as you click the start button so prepare to battle in a jiffy. Back stories will take the sidelines as "Doom" creates a gaming experience that trumps all other aspects expect action.

The Daily Beast reported that "Doom" was created in collaboration with the Bethesda Studios. It kicked off production in 2008 and tells the same story as other "Doom" installments: kill all the demons of Mars to hell. Critics already compared it to Halo in terms of game execution and all-action approach.

However, despite the upgrade in armory, the graphical quality is not level in all gaming platforms. PC versions are much sharper than the PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. Glory Kills is also an encourage attack but opens players to a vulnerable place in the execution especially if up against The Possessed.

In Game Spot, infamous Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski spoke his mind regarding the new "Doom" release. While he claimed to be enjoying it, he wished that "Doom" would stop focusing all their energy to the gameplay animations that can slow players down.

With Doom 3 as a precedent, "Doom" is fortunately the perfect mix of old and new to convince all players to just give FPS a try. Call of Duty and Battlefield can take a seat now because when you think about it, they are doomed.

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