Remastered 'Final Fantasy X and X-2' Released In Steam: New Features Launched To Make The Best Final Fantasy Game Yet?

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 17, 2016 04:49 AM EDT

The fantasy is crystal clear and is fiery enough to see the day!"Final Fantasy X and X-2" is upstaging all other games on Steam. The rebooted version of "Final Fantasy X and X-2" caught the attention of the world after it launched last Sunday, causing a bit of a happy outcry in the gaming community.

According to RPG Fans, "Final Fantasy X and X-2" is opening its reach. PC users can enjoy "Final Fantasy X / X-2" by purchasing it off in a Steam sale. The game is marked down with 20 percent off until May 19. It is also noted that said release features easier switching of game tunes and improvement in terms modes that enable high speed and avoiding battles.

Players need not worry about a sudden power outage or lag in the computer. "Final Fantasy X and X-2" has an auto-save mechanism that automatically saves the game data every once in a while.

Inquistr reported that the "Final Fantasy X and X-2" are situated in Spira starring Tidus and his squad. They will go up against the villain, Sin. "Final Fantasy X-2" will perfectly complement and elaborate on the ending of "Final Fantasy X". Square Enix aims to outdo themselves by coming out with a game that is proving to be quite the stunner.

In the same report, "Final Fantasy X and X-2" is subjected to an environment overhaul and a variety of emotional expression add-ons. It will also provide many unlocking opportunities for skills, characters, and players can choose their battles. With a better grasp of gameplay, the big data load of the game is bound to be worth it and will come with various language options.

If "Final Fantasy X and X-2" is not enough to hype you up, Square Enix might ask you to mark your calendars. Based on Cross Map, "Final Fantasy XV" is expected to be released on September 30, following the opening of pre-orders for Noctis figure with a new weapon. Game developers also appeared with their creations that surfaced a few weeks ago. It will come out for both PS4 and Xbox One.

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