‘GTA 5 Latest News & Updates: GTA Online Receiving Big Updates for PS4, Xbox One and PC; What You Need To Know

By Riley Chase , Updated May 17, 2016 12:30 AM EDT

Rockstar is finally giving "GTA 5" its needed update for its multiplayer and fans are getting what they have been suggesting all along. Although Rockstar do not normally provide official announcements but this time it has a definite outline about GTA online content for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fans should get ready as recent reports released that GTA Online will be reached in updates. The game will also have the newest game modes and Lowriders Custom Classics, according to Rockstar games. So fans from even the far corners of the earth will have a field day as GTA online will have constant feature updates in the weeks and months to come.

Get Advantage in Finance and Felony   

Players will be able to organize their lucrative businesses of arranging, buying and selling their jewels, medical supplies and narcotics. However, they will also have to be careful as the world of "GTA" means you need to expect the unexpected especially when you are transporting your cargo. You will also need to watch for possible raids and even on your warehouse. But it is expected that players can manage their own inventories straight from their headquarters.

It is also expected that the new update for "GTA 5" will have more expansion in GTA Online racing and stunts. Dailystar cited that these new updates will be creative and fun. Rockstar admitted that the new game for "GTA 5" will have more "possibilities to defy imagination."

Be the Boss and Get more GTA Cash

"GTA 5" online will have more players building organizations and will be giving out plenty of works as bodyguards that will also create future organizations.  Players will also be able to get updates such as the new Adversary Modes and new locations that will also be released in In and Out.

Expect Bonuses

Also expect for a special bonus week like the "Versus," "Mission Week" and "Friends in High Places Week," Rockstar Games reported. With the bonus week, players will be able to weapons, vehicles and other important items on sale. So also make sure to watch out for that.

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