iPad Pros Crashing After iOS 9.3.2 Update [VIDEO]

By Snooky Grawls , Updated May 18, 2016 06:31 AM EDT

Apple has released the iOS 9.3.2 but the latest OS update seems to have brought in more problems than solutions. iPad Pro owners are reportedly left with a bricked device after updating to the latest OS.

Apple regularly issues operating system updates to address bugs and fixes but the latest iOS 9.3.2 has reportedly brought in more problems with reports that iPad Pros are ending up in bricked states.

iOS 9.3.2 compounding woes

The latest iOS was rolled out Monday in an effort to implement new bug fixes but user feedback shows that most are ending up with a device they are unable to use. According to users from the MacRumors support forums, some end up with a locked device after the update and will not restart.

"Mine is bricked," said one user via the MacRumors forum. "Says it needs to be plugged into iTunes, won't restore or update, just a big loop. Fantastic."

For those who were able to recall, many claim that they received an “error 56” message which eventually tells them to plug their device to iTunes. The users in mention have reportedly done so but such has failed to remedy the problem.

The Dreaded 'Error 56' message

“Error 56” normally points to a hardware problem with reference to the Apple iOS error page. Apple advices users to ensure that they have the latest version of iTunes and/or check issues that may be brought about by third-party security software.

Moreover, users are told to make sure their USB cable and other pertinent hardware are reliable. Users are also urged to try to restore a couple of times before touching base with Apple support.

The new development tied up with Apple’s release of iOS updates raises another red flag as far as improvement and reliability is concerned. Despite the fact that heavy testing is done on Apple’s mobile operating system, new bugs and problems seem to crop up still.

Apple has not issued an official explanation on the matter though they are aware of the problem. For now, some customers have had their iPad Pro swapped for a new model at an Apple retail store.

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