Verizon News And Strike Update: Verizon Union Workers Aided By Their Children To Prevent Misfit From Tech Firm And Negotiations?

By Stella Arellano , Updated May 23, 2016 08:03 AM EDT

The world is watching the events unfold for Verizon and the recent strike updates revealed major changes. It appears that the union workers are not alone but rather their children are now on the streets to make their voices be heard and prevent any misfits from occurring.

iTech Post conveyed of the unparalleled outcomes that have baffled Verizon and the union workers. Although the rift has reached the walls of Washington, it was not able to pacify the yearnings of the crowd. Moreover tyranny seems endless on the streets and with the children joining the picket fence, uncontrollable repercussions could arise.

The rising division even brought the congress to make way for reparation but it seems that is not just the case. "Verizon Wireless retail store workers and technicians work in one of the most profitable sectors of the economy. We are troubled that the lack of a negotiated labor agreement could increase the likelihood that good jobs will be offshored to the Philippines, Mexico and other locations overseas or outsourced to low-wage, non-union domestic contractors. And we are concerned that Verizon wireless retail workers, who joined the union back in 2014, still have not been able to negotiate improvements in their wages, benefits and working conditions," according to a written statement released by the 88 congress as cited by the same post.

The mere move of Verizon has pushed its workers to make way for the streets to voice out their dismay. To prove the latter, Hundreds of Verizon workers crowded the streets on Colonie last Saturday to picket in front of the Verizon store on Central Avenue, reports News Channel 13.

Given the rising contributions that the union workers rendered for the company, they would not easily back down. Even more so, since their children and the rest of their families have joined forces to strengthen their voice and ratify their demands.

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