'Skype For Business' A Gift For App Developers: How It Will Revolutionize Office Communication

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 24, 2016 11:57 AM EDT

Our little blue friend from Microsoft is going professional. Skype for Business is going inter-platform to the welcoming arms of Apple's iOS and Android. App developers are buzzing over the threat of using Skype features in local applications.

According to Tech 2, Build 2016 opened the possibility through an exclusive sneak peek with instant messaging including audio and video qualities of Skype for Business set to be tailored for the new operating systems. This time, it will be easier for independent applications as they can use Skype for business features in tablets and mobile applications. The Skype for Business archetype can accommodate bulks of videos as well.

Microsoft aims to open Skype for Business for free to promote infiltrate the workplace and extend the use to clients. The cloud computing trend is also being eyed for voice storage, meetings and messaging opportunities.

Skype is still used worldwide even in the midst of Facetime and other video hosting apps. The Marshall Town reported that the native office communicator if incorporated with Skype fo Business will be optimized for efficiency in terms of user-friendliness.

Skype for Business also featured outsiders to join virtual conversation through a variety of platforms, focusing on portability. Only the Microsoft download center offers Skype for Business.

Beyond being heaven sent to developers, Skype for Business aimed to increase revenue for Microsoft. Based on a Neurogadget report, the viability of the project sprung for its successful use in the integration to the filing and communication system in the medical field. This was also showcased during Build 2016 where Skype for Business first premiered.

Microsoft is heavily invested over Skype for Business success especially with its newly launched marketability of use in various fields and industries. Ideally, Skype for Business is an ace choice to enhance communication in customer service sector, financing groups and other entrepreneurial paths.

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