GTA 5 Online Latest News & Update: Game Quietly Losing Players Online, Here Is Why

By Snooky Grawls , Updated May 28, 2016 11:53 AM EDT

GTA 5 Online is one of the more popular games that Rockstar has come up with though maintaining that niche would depend on how well they address gamer interest. And based on recent reports, Rockstar may need to come up with some soon.

Some graphics were brought out in the open by a YouTuber known as “MrBossFTW”. The graphics come from the Steam Database portal, the place where the statistics are recorded daily basis with the aid of the SteamSpy app.

The graph shows about 300,000 players logged on using the PC version when GTA 5 Online first debuted last year. It also showed how GTA 5 Online reached a peak of 360,000 as well.

But as they say, anything that goes up will always go down. And that seems to be the case for GTA 5 Online right now.

GTA 5 Online players may have started to get bored of the game and is singled out as one of the reason for the decline. The numbers are likely to dip further when school opens, meaning most will be busy with their studies.

Aside from school there are other factors to consider on the decreasing number of players playing GTA 5 Online. In fact some may have just lost interest seeing the routine stuff they can do when they log on.

With that said, Rockstar may want to take note and do something about it. And the best thing that they can probably do right now is to come up with a new DLC pack to lure gamer interest. The DLC could include new stuff such as heists, missions, cars, weapons and more.

A GTA 5 Online DLC doesn’t need to be groundbreaking but something that can breathe a bit more life on the game that could end up flat lining before the year ends.

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