Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, News & Update: Imminent Smartphone Last Chip Against Apple? Things You Need To Know

By Snooky Grawls , Updated May 28, 2016 11:59 AM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is slowly nearing its official debut, considered to be the company’s last line of defense against the impending coming of the iPhone 7.

Though the next Apple device is believed to be something that holds less-than-impressive marks, Samsung is making sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 leaves no stones unturned. Judging by how rumors have been piling up in recent weeks, the new Samsung phablet should be something special.

But the question now is will the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 be something worth the wait? Is the Samsung phablet truly worth all the attention and hype?

With consideration to rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6’s specs, most are excited. With the powerful features and specs linked to the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, it seems obvious that a lot are keen to see which will be around and left out.

But is there really a point of comparison? Does Samsung have to soup up the Galaxy Note 6 despite the fact that Apple is rumored to be coming out with a less spectacular device this September?

Either way, Samsung will still want to end the year with a bang with their highly anticipated flagship. The specs alone make it something worth waiting for.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come with a 2K display backed by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC and 6 GB ram to boot. The bump in RAM is quickly tied up to the high resolution display and to ensure a better performing tablet.

But those are not the only ones in tow. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will also have an improved camera, an area that may eventually compare it to the iPhone 7’s alleged dual-lens camera offering. On the end, Samsung will pin its hopes on a brand new 1/1.7 CMOS camera sensor with an aperture as wide as ƒ/1.4,” as bared by Sam Mobile.

Cap that off with a sultry outer design and added storage, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 does seem impressive –but on paper. Seeing it up and close will still be important and folks just have to wait a bit more as its impending launch nears.

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