'Halo 5' Hog Wild DLC Release Date Announced; More Info On Warzone Firefight Expansion Revealed

By V Doctor , Updated May 30, 2016 07:05 AM EDT

Microsoft announced that the Forge tools on “Halo 5” are arriving to Windows 10 later in 2016. However, game developer 343 Industries stated that there are no plans to bring the full “Halo 5,” which is exclusively playable on Xbox One, to PC.

In blog post, 343 Industries stated that they are focused on building “Halo Wars 2” for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The launch of the Forge tools for Windows 10 for free will provide several opportunities for PC gamers to build and play “Halo 5” multiplayer content. They can further share their creations with Xbox One players. The company added that Windows 10 is still an important factor for the “Halo” franchise as they set their sights on the future.

According to GameSpot, the cross-play between the PC Forge mode and Xbox One is not supported. Content made on PC via the Forge tools can be shared on Xbox One. Maps and modes created using the Xbox One tools can be shared on PC.

The second free “Halo 5” expansion to launch in May 2016, “Hog Wild,” will feature new Warthogs, armor sets and a hybrid weapon scope. It will not come with new maps, however. The first expansion to launch in the same month is “Memories of Reach.”

Halo Waypoint stated that there are four Warthogs to arrive with the new DLC, namely, the Rally Warthog, Rally Scout Warthog, Sword Needler Warthog and Vespin Rocket Warthog. The armor sets include the Starfire, Stinger helmet and armor and Interceptor Rictus helmet and armor. The Hybrid scope can retrofit the BR, SMG, DMR and AR.

343 Industries will also release “Warzone Firefight” in June 2016, which will be the largest “Halo 5” release yet. Some of the bigger items that were supposed to come with the “Wild Hog” update were transferred to “Warzone Firefight.” The DLC will include the PvE mode, several maps, new game features and updates, Forge updates, new Rews and Warzone and Arena maps.

There will also be a Warzone Boss Refresh. Legendary Bosses will have more visual identity and offer bigger payoffs when defeated. “Hog Wild” and “Warzone Firefight” is said to be the final free expansion of the game, since the campaign was originally slated to end in June 2016.

“Halo Wars 2” is set to launch in fall 2016. The “Hog Wild” DLC will launch on May 31. More updates and details are expected soon.

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