'F1 2016' Confirmed To Be Released Soon: What It Offers And Special Features Leaked!

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 31, 2016 12:30 PM EDT

The car screeches right in front of a glowing game release! "F1 2016" game will set fire for consoles and PC following an announcement from Codemasters. "F1 2016" is vying to become the breakthrough race game this year and they might just snatch it easily.

According to International Business Times, "F1 2016" offers to build your fantasy to become the best racer by profession. A mode will be available to "F1 2016" players to make a career out of the complete racer experience through avatars and actual Formula One teams. Every nitty gritty details in creating a race car and upgrades will be made available.

Supported by a dramatic storyline, every racer needs a pit stop and that where Game Hub comes in. The "F1 2016" Game Hub is equipped with engineer and an agent to bring you to stardom. Game credits will also come in handy in the future gameplay.

The "F1 2016" game is in partnership with Bandai Namco. "F1 2016" will offer 10 seasons to make the next star racer in you. "F1 2016" is setting virtual ablaze the safety car and will offer the fastest race track in Azerbaijan. Game Planet reported that "F1 2016" players are the rightful owner of the wheel in controlling the races and even putting enough hurdles like extreme weather conditions.

Players can also train in a wide variety of practice races. The "F1 2016" shows a lot of promise and determined to prove its worth after a disappointing run for its 2015 release. This could be the silver lining "F1 2016" needed as fans raved for the game. Forbes published the physical casing design for "F1 2016" with heads of racing hall-of-famers in front to a frenzied clamor.

While it is still uncertain whether "F1 2016" will come out this summer or winter, one thing is for certain. It will definitely rock the socks off every gamers feet.

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