What I Hope They Keep in the Blood Re-Make

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 08, 2012 05:20 PM EDT

With Monolith CEO Jace Hall asking fans what they'd like in a Blood remake, I already have my answer. Blood was one of my personal favorites on the PC, so it's not so much changes that I'm looking for, as much as I'm hoping things stay the same. Things like...

The weapons: Blood went above and beyond the staple shooter weapons like rocket launchers and machine guns, though it did have them. But what other shooter lets you take out enemies with an aerosol can and a lighter? Or a voodoo doll? Not a one, save for Blood.

Weapons for the sequel went even further to draw out the titular life essence of enemies, throwing in the flying orb from "The Phantasm" movie series.

The humor: Protagonist Caleb's dark humor certainly fit the overall dark overtones of the game. One minute he's blowing away axe-wielding zombies, the next minute, he's belting out Sinatra's "My Way." Quoting Andrew Dice Clay's version of "Little Miss Moffett" after doing away with a giant spider was just one example. Much of it was based on pop culture in other forms, which leads us to...

The easter-eggs and references: Great quotes from horror and thriler movies like "Evil Dead," "Apocalypse Now," "Army of the Dead," "Jaws," "Big Trouble in Little China," the list goes on and on. Look hard enough in game, and you can find the lust murder scene from "Se7en," a frozen Jack Torrence from "The Shining," and even the hat and shirt of Freddy Krueger from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series. Blood even pokes fun (literally) at other FPS heroes like the titular Duke Nukem, who, since his most recent and unimpressive showing, is just one more target for Caleb and company.

There's been a lot of other horror and cult movies made since Blood first debuted in 1997, giving creators a whole pool of resources to draw on.

If you have any opinons about what Jace should add or keep to the Blood remake, head over to the forums at The Postmortem.

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