‘Battlefield Hardline’ DLC Release Date, Price, News & Update: ‘Getaway’ Expansion Now Available For Free?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 02, 2016 07:35 AM EDT

Electronic Arts has decided to give “Battlefield Hardline” gamers a chance to see what they can enjoy for good with the release of the “Getaway” expansion. The add-on is part of the planned World War I game “Battlefield 1” campaign by DICE and EA, free for Xbox Live Gold members up to June 7.

The “Getaway” expansion for “Battlefield Hardline” was first revealed back in January and comes with four new maps (i.e. Pacific Highway, Train Dodge, Double Cross and Diversion), more weapons and more vehicles.

Aside from the goodies, the “Getaway” add-on will also bring a new game mode called “Capture the Bag” to “Battlefield Hardline." From the name alone, it seems obvious that this is a special mode similar to a popular game ‘capture the flag’ which will likely see players to scamper out to secure bags of loot.

Aside from the goodes and new mode, EA goes on the offensive as well to make the “Battlefield Hardline” followers up and going through a community mission titled, “Hotwire Score."

“If the community can collectively score 500,000,000 points, everyone gets a free Gold Battlepack. The mission ends at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST on June 6," per GameSpot.

The “Getaway” DLC is the third of four expansion add-ons that EA has released for “Battlefield Hardline”. While the game is available across other gaming platforms, the free offer is limited for the Xbox One for now through the Xbox Live Gold program.

Additionally, the recent availability of the add-ons for “Battlefield 4‘s” Dragon’s Teeth and Hardline‘s Robbery mode for free on the PC and the Sony PlayStation 4 could eventually point to a possible “Getaway” expansion without shelling out anything.

Again, the “Getaway” DLC is free only up to June 7 meaning that it will revert to its original price of $15.

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