HoloLens: Microsoft Expanded Their Virtual Reality Platform By Working With Other Tech Companies

By Timothy Martinez , Updated Jun 03, 2016 09:43 AM EDT

Microsoft will be allowing a third party participant in creating their virtual reality platform. The tech empire will soon collaborate with other tech companies including HTC, Lenovo and HP.

HoloLens which is produced by Microsoft is making a step forward for their virtual reality platform. According to Daily Mail, Microsoft is focused on expanding their virtual reality technology that can rise above the expectations of the consumers.

Microsoft released HoloLens at the end of March, but the tech company wished to expand their market by collaborating with other tech companies. The HoloLens' operating system which is known as Holographic is now open for contributors.

Microsoft decided to expand their features when it comes to their virtual reality platform by opening Holographic software for contributors. It was mentioned that it can cross borders between two collaborators.

It was mentioned that by opening their software to other companies they would be able to reach a wider market by not having exclusivity when it comes to pairing devices.

Several partners were already named such as Lenovo, HTC, HP, and Asus. HoloLens' software was built with a design which is compatible with Xbox, smartphones and other computers.

Windows Blog announced that the HoloLens is in line with their 10th Anniversary Update. They refer to their virtual reality platform as a "mixed reality image." Microsoft is aiming to reach the 80 million mark for their units to be sold by 2020.

The company is positive that their collaboration with other tech companies can have a positive impact in regards to their sales. They pointed out that their edge compared to other brands is their capability to produce virtual reality software without restrictions.

Aside from gaming, according to Microsoft Office Blog, the company also expanded HoloLens' function as it is also equipped with the Outlook Mail and Calendar.

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