'Galaxy In Turmoil' Release Date, News & Update: Fan Remake Of 'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' Head Out To Steam

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Jun 06, 2016 10:58 AM EDT

Fans did not take well the cancellation of "Star Wars: Battlefront 3" and so, they put the matters into their own hands. "Galaxy in Turmoil," the game loosely based on the cancelled "Star Wars" game, turned out quite well as they are now headed out onto Valve's Steam.

'Galaxy In Turmoil'

An unofficial version of "Star Wars: Battlefront 3" is about to launch real soon as the makers, Frontwire Studios, announced its publishing agreement with Steam.

The Tampa-based development team said that "Galaxy in Turmoil" will launch free on Steam, Polygon reported. However, the release date is not yet announced.

Predictably, the legality of the fan-based game is a big issue at the start of its inception. However, Tony Romanelli, Frontwire's President, told Polygon that they have covered the risks and legalities of launching "Galaxy in Turmoil."

Frontwire made sure that the game is permissible under fair use provision of U.S. law.

Frontwire is quite confident about its legality since "Galaxy in Turmoil" will not be sold on Steam, rather, it will be offered as a free download, PC Mag added.

"Technically we'd be classified as a parody," Romanelli told Polygon. The fact that developers did not raise any money to cover the cost of its development is a big credit.

Romanelli admitted though that he has mild concerns about receiving a Cease & Desist from Disney. However, with Valve's support and assurance through "Galaxy in Turmoil," Romanelli felt confident that it won't face any problems.

'Galaxy In Turmoil' Design

"Galaxy in Turmoil" began as a CryEngine mod from a group of fans, reported Kotaku. It has since been made into a full game built on Unreal Engine 4.

From a handful of fans, the development team is now composed of 50 individuals, who are also developing other mobile games aside from "Galaxy in Turmoil."

Frontwire also denied use of any assets or code from any "Star Wars: Battlefront 3" builds that leaked out after it was cancelled din 2008.

They said that none of the builds can be found in "Galaxy in Turmoil." Previous materials may have used "Battlefield 2" assets but only as placeholders, Polygon said.

Valve has yet to comment on this announcement made by Frontwire Studios. So for Star Wars fans out there, worry no more. Check out a sneak peek of "Galaxy in Turmoil" below.

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