'Silent Hills' Successor, Horror-Game 'Allison Road' Cancelled; Why?

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 06, 2016 09:22 AM EDT

The horror game "Allison Road" has been cancelled. A statement from the developers is yet to follow.

"Allison Road" was marketed to be a first person based horror game. It was survival in nature. Gameplay involved staying in a haunted house for five days, writes Polygon, and the player would have to survive the stay and get out in due time.

Horror gaming fans are solving yet another mystery on why "Allison Road" has been cancelled. This is not the first time that a horror game project was scrapped in 2016. In fact, this follows a succession of horror game cancellations. To begin with, Konami announced the cancellation of "Silent Hills," which is a project they are making in collaboration with "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. Eventually, they removed the playable teaser or "P.T." of the game from the PlayStation store, This Gen Gaming reported.

After all the hyped-up enthusiasm was suddenly cut short, a lot of copycat games came out. Arguably, one of the best that came out was "Allison Road." It is described to be the most promising, with the game said to be the "Spirit Successor" of the P.T. However, it met the same fate as its inspiration, "Silent Hills."

The developer Lilith Ltd. was the one that announced that "Allison Road" has been cancelled. They said that an official statement would be given out the coming days. As of this writing, no further details are available on the cancellation. Horror gaming fans would just have to wait.

Looking back on the development of "Allison Road," it is reported that the game had to go through some rough processes before being developed. It started with a 13-minute gameplay prototype in September 2015 and a Kickstarter campaign. However, even before the developers reached the end date of the campaign, they already closed it. This is because they found a publisher who was willing to work with them, which was Team 17 -- the one behind the Worms franchise.

After Team 17 stepped in, not much was heard on "Allison Road." Back in its Kickstarter phase, Lilith regularly released updates on the game. They gave fans pieces of their visions for the game, through small clips. For instance, they gave a teaser that the game would have a forest area where players could explore. However, all these regular updates and teasers all stopped when Team17 started to handle the game development.

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