EA Play 2016 Live: New Games ‘Battlefield 1’, ‘Titanfall 2’, ‘FIFA 17’ And More Unveiled

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 13, 2016 07:34 AM EDT

Four game titles under the EA banner came out as expected through the EA Play 2016 live event which formally kicked off E3 2016.

As expected, four new game titles led the way with most the subject of rumored things to expect at the live event held both in Los Angeles and London via the Daily Star.

EA Play Live 2016 announced “Titanfall 2”, “Mass Effect Andromeda”, “FIFA 17” and “Titanfall 2”, game titles that had already been confirmed beforehand as mentioned via iDigital Times.

First up was “Titanfall 2” with its single player campaign which calls to mind the “Call of Duty” style of play. The new game title will feature epic space battles, full of guns and machines which should account for a different kind of intergalactic journey using the first-shooter point of view.

Another game that came out in the open is “Mass Effect Andromeda”, an ambitious expedition that involves having gamers go on an ambitious expedition powered by EA and DICE’s Frostbite engine.

“FIFA 17” was also formally introduced, an improved game offering that is tasked to offer soccer-loving fans a more realistic playing experience. The new career mode called “The Journey” should be something worth looking forward to as pro football wannabes get the chance to strut their soccer skills on the field.

Another war-inspired game title to watch out for is “Battlefield 1”. Weather changes will allegedly play an important part of the whole game play scenario, an external factor that calls for more alertness and adjustment for the gamers.

The trailers were of course a big help, particularly for “Battlefield 1”. Incredible graphics and new behemoth vehicles were introduced for “Battlefield 1”, the same key element that other game titles will likely fall prey to.

An open beta for “Battlefield 1” is reportedly planned this Summer, making up for the game’s official release slated for October per Attack of the Fan Boy.

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