Microsoft Sacrifices ‘Kinect’ To Make ‘Xbox One S’ Smaller

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 15, 2016 07:20 AM EDT

With game console companies trying to come up with the best gaming solution possible, one thing that is noticed is that they are trying to make them as small as possible. Microsoft has apparently achieved that with the Xbox One S but how exactly did they do it.

Some internal parts may have helped though there is one key feature that many have probably forgotten about – a port dedicated to the Kinect.

For those who were around to witness that feature since the Xbox 360 days, the company has decided to do away with the once essential peripheral in what Microsoft mentioned in a news release refers to as a move to make the Xbox One S more compact.

It should be noted that when the original Xbox One came out, a dedicated port was still around. The Kinect was somehow silent though it was still packaged with higher-end versions. Seeing that the number of apps and games tied up to its functionality had decreased, the Kinect has slowly been eased out of the limelight.

Will the Kinect die a natural death? At the rate things are going with less games in use, it could be the case.

Outside perhaps the usual dancing or exercise games that require body movement, no other games have really made a difference when one makes use of the wired or wireless controls the Xbox game console comes with.

Going back to the Xbox One S, even with the dedicated port gone, Kinect owners can still hook it up to the latest game console though they will need a special adaptor that reportedly costs $49.99 per Screen Rant.

While the added cost sounds like a bummer, have no fret. Microsoft is reportedly making the adaptor available for free to gamers who had previously purchased both an Xbox One and a Kinect and wish to upgrade.

Does this signal the near end of the Kinect? With rumors claiming that Microsoft is working on a VR platform, such could be the case. For now, all of it should be taken lightly unless the company comes forward to officially say so.

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