'Pokken Tournament' News & Update: Learn More About The Game Here!

By Kathleen Nava , Updated Jun 16, 2016 02:09 AM EDT

Ever wish you could play as a Pokemon in an actual battle? Now is your chance as "Pokken Tournament" gives you the opportunity to play out your fantasy!

iDigital Times reports that an update for "Pokken Tournament" has been announced and it will need "521 MB of storage to download and players will need to update to version 1.3 to go online."

'Pokken Tournament:' What is this game all about?

What happens when you put the masterminds behind "Tekken" series in charge of creating a "Pokemon" fighting game? You get "Pokken Tournament"!

"Pokken Tournament" is an adorable fighting game that packs the same punch as the popular fighting series, "Tekken."

Good news to all the gamers who can not seem to master all the game combos because "Pokken Tournament" has simpler button combos than the "Tekken" games.

'Pokken Tournament:' How a battle round plays out

The game mechanics of "Pokken Tournament" are a combo of Tekken's up close and personal fisticuffs and the long range projectile flinging antics of most anime-style arena fighters.

In "Pokken Tournament," two Pokemon will duke it out in a fighting ring, and you must use your chosen monster's unique abilities in order to emerge vitorious.

A bunch of Support Pokemon will assist you in you "Pokken Tournament" battle by either attacking you enemy or boosting your fighter's abilities.

You can fill-up your power meter in "Pokken Tournament," also known as the Resonance Gauge, so you can use special, super-effective attacks called Synergy Bursts!

'Pokken Tournament': Toughest and cuddliest fighters

"Pokken Tournament" has a solid selection of combat-ready playable Pokemon, from favorites like Pikachu and Lucario to odd picks such as Chandelure and Weavile.

"Pokken Tournament" even has exclusive versions of Pikachu and Mewtwo.

Pikachu Libre in pro wrestling garb uses a shooting star as a supper attack, while Shadow Mewtwo looks like a nightmare version of Mewtwo, who also happens to be "Pokken Tournament" final boss.

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