'Mario Party Star Rush' Nintendo Release Date Revealed; Gameplay, Multiplayer Mode, Amiibo Variations [Watch Trailer]

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 16, 2016 07:45 AM EDT

During Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2016, the company announced that “Mario Party” Star Rush is set to release on Nintendo 3DS later in 2016. The new Mario Party game features a number of adjustments in the gameplay that will make it more ideal for portable gaming.

“Mario Party” Star Rush is the next game in the series, after the 2013 title, “Mario Party” Island Tour. One of the key gameplay changes involves all players moving simultaneously, instead of having to wait for their turn. In 2015, “Mario Party 10” released on Wii U.

Polygon noted that “Mario Party” Star Rush lets up to four gamers play at the same time. They do not have to wait for their turn or rely on the turn-based move approach. One of the main weaknesses of the previous games in the series was the turn-based mechanics.

Players had to wait for everyone else to finish before making a move. With the new adjustment, gamers can stay engaged and play simultaneously. Players can also team up with two to four characters from the Mushroom Kingdom to succeed in various events and win several challenges and mini-games. The multiplayer mode can be accessed via Download Play or Local Wireless.

According to Nintendo, the game will be compatible with multi-card communication for the first time. “Mario Party” Star Rush will reportedly be compatible with seven different types of amiibo and the figurines that were showcased at E3. On the date of the game’s launch, Wario, Waluigi, Boo, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Rosalina and Diddy Kong will also be available to buy.

Engadget noted that Nintendo kept details about “Mario Party” Star Rush under wraps until E3 2016. The game appears to be a fresh iteration of an old concept. The game still focuses mainly on group mini-games. The board noticeably does not have set paths, compared to previous versions. Now, characters can move across the tiled layout whenever they want and at the same time. The scrambled approach allows players to strategize more. They can even opt to begin the boss fight mini-game immediately.

The main mode is known as Toad Scramble, where all players take on the role of an anthropomorphic mushroom man. Other Mario characters can still be recruited as allies, although they may not be played on their own.

 “Mario Party” Star Rush will officially launch on Nov. 4, 2016. More updates and details are expected soon.

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