A New RPG Title For 3DS Announced At E3 2016; Grezzo's 'Ever Oasis' Coming To Nintendo Console

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jun 17, 2016 02:42 AM EDT

A new role-playing game (RPG) is about to come to 3DS soon. Grezzo, a video game developer, created a new title for 3DS called "Ever Oasis" as introduced at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016.

'Ever Oasis' Gameplay

According to Kotaku, "Ever Oasis" is an enchanting game that will let its players build and manage a desert paradise. The gamers have the ability to develop their own equipment and create its own group to discover the dungeons and solve mysteries.

The players will play the role of Tethu, the lead character, in "Ever Oasis" who needs to construct his own village. This will be Tethu's start to find his older brother that has been forcefully taken away by the Force of Chaos.

'Ever Oasis' Is A Management Sim

"Ever Oasis" is like a management sim by building his own sanctuary; he can attract other travelers from distant tribes.

These wanderers can help Tethu on his journey by joining him in fighting monsters, solving the quests and collecting new materials to create new equipment and items.

Creating The Oasis In 'Ever Oasis'

In "Ever Oasis," everything is possible; even the friendly living things can turn out into dangerous predators without a hint.

By creating the "Oasis" itself, he will have the ability to restore peace and life to the land corrupted by the Force of Chaos, Digital Trends reported. However, unlike other RPG games, players won't have to buy items in "Ever Oasis."

Instead, the user should bring everything that he gathered from his adventures to its home base, called Bloom Booths, and it will be sold to other individuals.

In "Ever Oasis" creating shops is a vital part of the game; the players should keep Bloom Booths full of goods so Tethu can earn more, as per Destructoid.

Meanwhile, it's still unknown when "Ever Oasis" will be see its official release. 

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