'Dark Souls 3' DLC Release Date & Updates: ‘No Dark Souls 4,’ Plenty Of DLC For DS 3

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jun 20, 2016 10:49 AM EDT

The highly anticipated "Dark Souls 3" DLC release date might come sooner than most people are expecting. Apparently, the game's first expansion is already planned to be released later within this year.

The third installment of the Dark Souls series just recently debuted last April this year. However, that's not stopping its developer FromSoftware, in offering the game's first expansion months after it was released. In addition, the company is said to be introducing another expansion in 2017.

"Dark Souls 3" DLC Release

Despite the very recent "Dark Souls 3" release, FromSoftware announced that it will be introducing not only one but two expansions of the new game. In fact, according to Christian Times, the first "Dark Souls 3" release date will be this coming September. However, other gaming insiders are even more optimistic speculating that the DLC could arrive as early as next month.

This should be welcome news for fans of "Dark Souls 3." After all, game expansions could only mean additional "Dark Souls 3" gameplay.

FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki further confirmed that another "Dark Souls 3" expansion is already scheduled this 2017. His recent announcement certainly confirmed rumors that the company wants its players to have the most outstanding gaming experience by offering frequent "Dark Souls 3" DLC expansion updates.

"Dark Souls 4" Not In Development For Now

In addition, Mr. Miyazaki laid to rest certain speculations regarding its rumored sequel, the "Dark Souls 4." According to Mr. Miyazaki, FromSoftware is currently focusing its efforts in making the current game, "Dark Souls 3," even better.

"Dark Souls 3" Strategy - Hiding From Invaders

Meanwhile, a "Dark Souls 3" player's unique strategy recently made headlines in gaming circles. A player known as The Zexster successfully fooled incoming enemies by making it appear that his character as a non-playing character (NPC), reports VG24/7.

Zexter posted a video of his outstanding adventure in "Dark Souls 3." The funny thing is that he was not even attempting to hide, and can be seen walking around aimlessly like a proper NPC should be. While he did sustain some damage, his ploy seems to have worked. The enemy totally ignored him and probably thought he was just a non-player after all.

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