PlayStation Neo Releasing Way Ahead Of Microsoft's Project Scorpio? Debut Could Happen In 2016

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 20, 2016 10:53 AM EDT

There are talks that the more powerful PlayStation4 Neo will launch one year before the Microsoft Project Scorpio. The PS4 Neo may release before the end of 2016.

Andrew House of Sony confirmed a few days before E3 2016 that the PlayStation4 Neo will be released although it was not detailed at the event itself. Microsoft also announced Project Scorpio during its briefing, describing the device as the most powerful console ever made.

Richard Leadbetter of Eurogamer stated that several sources indicated that the PlayStation4 Neo will launch later in 2016, putting its release date much earlier than Microsoft's Project Scorpio. He continued if it happens, it will be interesting to observe how developers use its resources and determine if 4K is the main focus. They are certain that Microsoft will be monitoring closely, as it prepares to launch its own next-gen console.

Overall, the PlayStation4 Neo and Microsoft Project Scorpio are offering the same gameplay and a highly improved visual experience. Current-generation console owners can enjoy games with their 1080p displays while those who acquire the next-gen machines can appreciate titles more on a 4K UHD display.

GameSpot wrote that the Microsoft Project Scorpio features 6 teraflops of performance. The next-gen console is slated to release in holiday 2017. The PlayStation4 Neo may be officially announced in any of the upcoming major events in 2016. The prices of the two systems have not yet been revealed, but PlayStation4 and Xbox One players can rest assured that their current titles will remain playable on the new systems.

TechTimes stated that Sony may not follow tradition in 2016 and launch the PlayStation4 Neo before the end of the year. Although it was not present at E3 2016, the system may still be launched soon. Talks about the PS4 Neo started earlier in 2016 and fans became more excited after Sony confirmed that it exists.

Gamers are still asking why Sony did not present the PlayStation 4 Neo at the biggest industry event of the year, while rumors continue that the machine will launch in a few months. Some opine that Sony should take more time to fine-tune the next-gen platform to provide gamers with a richer experience. Otherwise, Microsoft's Project Scorpio may easily take the lead when it launches.

More updates and details are expected soon.

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