Final Fantasy 15 Features Over 100 Hours Of Gameplay; Details On Sidequests, Storyline & Extra Content Here

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 20, 2016 10:57 AM EDT

The plot, side quests and other content of "Final Fantasy 15" has recently been unveiled by director HajimaTabata. The upcoming role-playing game (RPG) features over 100 hours of gameplay, which will certainly excite fans and new players alike.

During the Square Enix E3 livestream, Tabata said that they expect about 40 to 50 hours of gameplay in clearing the main story. Players can have about 40 hours of content in the final game.

Furthermore, there will also be several side quests and extra things. Tabata explained that the extra content alone, players can enjoy about 100 hours of gameplay. The final version of "Final Fantasy XV" will reportedly showcase about 200 hours of total gameplay. He said that fans have waited a long time for the sequel, so they wanted to ascertain that they provide a lot of content for them to enjoy.

GameSpot noted that a lot of details about "Final Fantasy XV" were shown at E3 2016 in June. A new PlayStation VR experience was presented at the Sony event, and a boss fight was teased on the Microsoft stage. There were story cut scenes, a walkthrough gameplay and shots of the combat scenes, among others.

Eurogamer wrote that the Trial of the Titan demo of "Final Fantasy 15" during E3 showed the Xbox One's significant improvement, with the clash running at around 30fps. This means that the optimization work that Square Enix has been working on is putting the Xbox One at par with PlayStation 4 in terms of framerate.

More adjustments and improvements are expected with the game officially releases. Issues on control, dynamic resolution and gameplay are being addressed to give players the best experience. Tabata confirmed that there will be a new user interface, improved ally AI, and a more stable and higher performance by the Xbox One. The dynamic resolution will allegedly hover from 800p to 900p with a constant 30fps. He expects the final version of the game to be even better.

"Final Fantasy XV" will be set on Eos, where various nations are battling to take possession over the last crystal in the world. The upcoming game is said to feature a darker tone and provide more realistic human characters, compared to previous installments.

The next installment to the hit franchise was initially announced in 2006 and will finally release after 10 years. "Final Fantasy 15" will launch on PlayStation4 and Xbox One on Sept. 30, 2016. More updates and details are expected soon.

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