'Overwatch' News & Update: Blizzard Entertainment Confirms The Coming Of Competitive Mode, Will Its New Feature Be A Disadvantage?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jun 21, 2016 05:22 AM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment received praises when it revealed its multiplayer video game, "Overwatch." Now, as the game developer is about to release its new Competitive Mode, fans are expecting a livelier gameplay.

New Features

"Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan described the new features of the coming Competitive Mode, according to Gamespresso.

In "Overwatch" Competitive Mode, the span of the season can change from a month to a couple of months. Its number of weeks, on the other hand, have a free time amid the periods.

The set-up of maps in "Overwatch" Assault Mode is going to be modified for the gamers to experience a more balanced gameplay.

Skill Tiers in "Overwatch" Beta will be eradicated and changed with a new Matchmaking Rating System or also called MMR.

There will be also a lot of cosmetic rewards, which depends on the players performance and roles, including sprays, icons, and golden guns. Exclusive rewards, too, will be given for the top-ranking gamers.

However, Jeff Kaplan added that the specific changes happening in "Overwatch" Competitive Mode will be further elaborated on a later date.

The New Matchmaking Rate System

Jeff Kaplan also explained that the new matchmaking rate system will be used to evaluate the skill rating of "Overwatch" players in Competitive Mode, as per iTech Post.

Hence, the gamers of "Overwatch" will get to see if they are performing well or need more improvements.

Not only that, they can also see the rating of others accomplishment. In fact, the overall score of a specific group can be, too, available for others.

However, MMR might be a disadvantage for "Overwatch" Competitive Mode, but Blizzard Entertainment thinks that it can attract a bigger fanbase. 

The new Competitive mode is about to be released this June, although Blizzard Entertainment didn't reveal the exact date.

Also, it explained that it is quite different from the recently introduced "Overwatch" Beta.

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