Viral Chewbacca Mom Is Now A Hasbro Action Figure

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 21, 2016 07:39 AM EDT

Candace Payne, also known as Chewbacca Mom, was recently provided by toymaker Hasbro with her own custom action figure.

Previously, Chewbacca Mom has been going viral online after a video of her reacting to a Star Wars mask surfaced. The mom of two from Texas shared a video of herself getting excited about purchasing Hasbro's Chewbacca Electronic Mask at Kohl's. Online users apparently loved her footage as it started to generate millions of views within days.

So far, Payne has earned gifts valued at over $400,000, including scholarships for her two kids, Star Wars merchandise from Kohl's, and 10,000 reward points from Kohl's. She was also slated to appear on TV multiple times. She has appeared in one episode of the official YouTube series of "Star Wars" and appeared as a guest on James Corden's late night show. Chewbacca Mom has toured Lucasfilm headquarters and met artist Stan Lee. She also attended the Fan Dallas Expo with Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca in the films.

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Hasbro commemorated Chewbacca Mom's huge success by gifting her with a one-of-a-kind Star Wars figure. The toy had a face sculpted after her own image and the furry body of the famous Wookie. The action figure stood about one foot, could talk, and had a removable Chewie mask. according to a company spokesperson, the toy included 13 programmed sounds, including Payne's own laugh and quotes from her viral video.

Payne was presented with the special toy housed in a custom box by CEO Brian Goldner at Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island when she visited with her family. The Chewbacca Mom action figure was made especially for Payne, which means that it will not be released in stores and online sites.

ScreenRant noted that it is not the first time that Hasbro gifted someone with a custom action figure. Previously, Hasbro gave George Lucas, the creator of "Star Wars," with his own custom toy. However, Chewbacca Mom is the first fan who was given the huge honor opening various opportunities for her in the process. Lucasfilm, Hasbro and other brands understand how important their fanbase is. Creating the special action figure for an ordinary person is a good strategy in creating a bridge between the franchise and their loyal supporters.

Meanwhile, the video of Chewbacca Mom and her antics are still online. More updates and details on the upcoming "Star Wars" movies and merchandise are expected soon.

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