‘God Of War’ News & Update: Single-Player Game Inspired By Cancelled ‘Star Wars’ TV Show, Will This Be Kratos Last Game?

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Jun 23, 2016 02:43 AM EDT

"God of War" director Cory Barlog said that the upcoming title will not feature a multiplayer mode, which was available in the previous title. Interestingly, the new title will offer more diverse emotional palette, taking inspiration from the cancelled "Star Wars" TV show.

No Multiplayer For New 'God Of War'

Cory Barlog sat down with Spanish gaming outlet Level Up and revealed more information about the highly-anticipated "God of War."

He confirmed that "God of War" will not include a multiplayer mode and more importantly, this won't be Kratos' last game. 

Cory Barlog further said Kratos will be seen in the succeeding "God of War" releases, Gamerant reported.

Barlog also explained that in the new "God of War," Kratos' son is aware of his father's true nature as a demigod. Ironically, he doesn't know his own past.

This bit of information may explain why Kratos appeared more subdued in the gameplay shown at E3. Kratos could be making amends for his past, hoping for redemption in later life.

'God of War' Inspired By 'Star Wars' TV Show

Following this, Gamespot reported that 'God of War' took inspiration from the cancelled 'Star Wars' TV show. Speaking with VentureBeat, Barlog shared how he explained to his team that a character can go from one extreme to another.

Initially, there was a lot of pushback with Kratos' story in the new "God of War." It's hard to see Kratos as anything other than a force of nature motivated by rage.

When Barlog showed the team other examples of movies and TV shows, where a character goes from being hated to being loved, the resistance slowly faded.

Working for LucasArts previously, he got to read the scripts of the cancelled live-action "Star Wars" TV show. Later on, this influenced the tone and direction of the new "God of War" title.

Now, the new "God of War" has become more thoughtful with Kratos appearing to be more human than God because of his son.

Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs in "God of War" in the coming days. For now, take a look at the gameplay showed at E3 earlier this month in the video below!

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