'Star Wars: Battlefront' Bespin DLC Release Date, News & Update: Find Out The Complete Expansion Pack Additions Here! Single Player, Offline Modes Coming!

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jun 24, 2016 01:18 AM EDT

The new "Star Wars: Battlefront" DLC, Bespin, is now being experienced by the lucky Season Pass holders and attest for the expansion pack's promising updates.

'Star Wars Battlefront' Bespin Additions

"Star Wars: Battlefront" Bespin carries new five multiplayer maps for Cloud City and two new heroes, Lando Calrissian and Dengar, according to Daily Stars.

The Bespin expansion pack, too, launched the known "Star Wars" vehicle called Cloud Car in "Star Wars: Battlefront."

Additionally, "Star Wars: Battlefront" Bespin has a new game mode titled Sabotage, weapons and a number of star cards.

"As part of the update for the Bespin DLC, we will be raising the level cap to 70 and introduce several new Hutt Contracts for you to complete, with visual unlocks to claim and a collect new Star Cards," DICE, "Star Wars: Battlefront" developer, explained in the game's forum.

DICE, too, wanted Bacta Bomb to be the focus of "Star Wars: Battlefront" players in its upcoming Star Cards.

"This is evident in both our new Asset Cards (the Shock Grenade and the Scout Binoculars), as well as our new Charge Card (Sabotage)," DICE added.  

'Star Wars: Battlefront' Single Player And Offline Modes

Meanwhile, a single player mode for "Star Wars: Battlefront" is set to be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Daily Express noted.

To recall, DICE confirmed the coming of the single player option when they unveiled their summer plans for "Star Wars: Battlefront."

Not only that, DICE also teased the arrival of "Star Wars: Battlefront" Offline. In fact, the game developer revealed that they are looking for more ways to let its supporters enjoy the game further.

"Star Wars: Battlefront" supporters, on the other hand, found new evidence that will support the coming of offline mode.

A Reddit user shared screenshots of a new "Instant Action" selection in "Star Wars: Battlefront" main menu. It has a tagline that said it has awaiting epic battles that can be played offline alone or with an accompany. 

Meanwhile, "Star Wars: Battlefront" DLC, Bespin, will be released for everyone on July 5.

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