'Destiny' News & Update: Create You Own Guardian With Mega Bloks Website! Will Fans Have The Toy Figure?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jun 24, 2016 02:20 AM EDT

Fans of the online video game, "Destiny," can now make a Destiny Mega Bloks figure with their own style. They can now create a Guardian of their likening by customizing the way they want it on the toy company's website.

Creating The Figure

Under the Interactive tab, you have to choose first the class of your "Destiny" figure, from Warlock, Titan or Hunter. You can also select the position you prefer on how you want your "Destiny" model to be seen.

Star by selecting your "Destiny" Guardian's color, their headpiece, skirt, body shield, accessories, weapon and Ghost. These all go with different shades, from light to dark, and you can pick your own background, too.

However, the selection for "Destiny" Mega Bloks is quite few, but enough to complete the gears of the figure. Everything you'll see on the Mega Bloks website are the same things from the "Destiny" game.

Sadly, SegmentNext reported that placing your own symbols, sashes and cloak in the customization site are not permitted unlike in the actual title.

Your Own Avatar

After mix and matching the "Destiny" figure and getting the look you want, you can sign in to save or download your work, as per Twin Finite.

You can use the customized "Destiny" Guardian on the Mega Bloks website as your own avatar or simply a picture of your own on any site.

No Toy Figure

Fans might expect that they can have the physical Mega Bloks of the "Destiny" Guardian they made, but, unfortunately, it will only be a pure picture.

The customized "Destiny" Guardian will not be for sale to be a real toy figure for the avid fans of the online game.

To recall, Bungie doesn't cater "Destiny" action figures in its own store and the Mega Bloks customization site brings higher hopes to have an actual fan-made "Destiny" figure.

Create your own "Destiny" Guardian on the Mega Bloks website here.

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