Overwatch' Penalizes Repeated Leavers In Competitive Play

By Erika Miranda , Updated Jun 24, 2016 09:12 AM EDT

Blizzard Entertainment continues its quest to rid the "Overwatch" community of leavers, cheaters, and rule-breakers as the game continues to become more popular every day.

Based on a screenshot posted in Imgur two days ago, the game developer warned gamers that they will be penalizing those who repeatedly abandon their ongoing "Overwatch" Competitive Play games. "Repeatedly leaving games will result in a 75 [percent] penalty to XP earned," the pop-up message in the beta form of the game's Competitive Play mode stated.

Furthermore, Blizzard also warns that a player will be suspended from the mode if he continues to leave without finishing it for "for increasing periods of time" and might even get banned from the game's season entirely. According to Polygon, this style of punishment from the game developer is entirely different from that of players that leave the "Overwatch" Quick Play mode because they receive a warning on the first offense. On the following offenses, these players are also given 75 percent penalty on XP.

The Competitive Play mode is still it is beta state and has yet to be considered 100 percent fully operational but Blizzard's "Overwatch" team is already doing everything they can to make the game as perfect as possible. In fact, Reddit user WippitGuudIf pointed that out in the sub-Reddit for the game, saying: "The Overwatch team is certainly going above and beyond to give its player exactly what it wants."

Of course, there are those who were not pleased with such punishments particularly those who believe that having stern rules in a video game is something that is unfair for those who still have a life outside the game. "I feel like my [Overwatch] experience is ruined by the frustrating need to eat, constantly losing time to find and prepare it, not to mention earn the out-of-game currency for it," Reddit user CarryTreant wrote.

"Overwatch" Competitive Play is expected to be in full blast later this month as the company rids the gaming arena of unfair players in the same way they did with cheaters in May.

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