‘The Sims 4’ Latest News, Update & Release Date: Xbox One Version Update Still Sketchy? More Details Here

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 24, 2016 06:52 AM EDT

Gamers hoping to play “ The Sims 4” on the Xbox One will have to prolong their patience with no official word yet on when the life simulation video will debut.

No official release date has been bared for “The Sims 4” for the Xbox One though the rumor mill bared that it could be this Fall or early 2017 at the latest.

The long wait for “The Sims 4” has left many puzzled considering it didn’t take this long to see a different console version to come out.

Looking at prior “The Sims” installments, the Xbox One game console version should be out by now following its debut in 2014.

“The Sims 2” debuted 13 months after the PC version was released while its successor, “The Sims 3”, needed 16 months before officially debuting for all game consoles.

Porting Issues stalling 'The Sims 4'?

While there is no official reason announced for the delay, reports bare that game developers may have incurred a porting problem to game consoles. It is not necessarily something new with this potential issue mentioned in previous months.

Will 'The Sims 4' be available at all?

A worst case scenario which many would likely dread is seeing EA skipping “The Sims 4” for game consoles. With “The Sims 5” reportedly nearing its debut, word out is that developers may focus on this instead.

A separate report claims that Maxis and EA may be buying time as they wait for the full game to be released for the PC. This is tied up with the DLCs tied up with “The Sims 4” as developers try to avoid possible bug issues which could crop up in the game console version.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that no update related to “The Sims 4” happened at E3. The silence has expected drawn conflicting speculations with game developers opting to stay mum on the actual cause of its delay.

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