'Teeny Titans' Mobile App Gameplay: New Game Features Cartoon Network's 'Teen Titans' in Pokemon-Like Adventure [VIDEO]

By Erika Miranda , Updated Jun 27, 2016 09:19 AM EDT

Cartoon Network's "Teen Titans" become an instant hit in mobile gaming as Grumpyface Studios present the adolescent superheroes in a "Pokemon"-style role-playing game.

Fans of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy are in for a treat as the "Teeny Titans" game is released. Kotaku described the game as "Pokemon"-like with its collect-and-battle mechanics. The game follows the story of former Batman sidekick Robin who goes on a quest to figure out what makes random children, heroes, villains, and even talking dogs hooked to a new toy craze involving action figures of his team.

Before he sees the "Pokemon"-like toy of himself, he remains skeptical. But once he was able to try the game, he gets instantly hooked and-not long after-becomes the best player in the entire "Teen Titans Go" universe.

Developed by the creators of "Stephen Universe: Attack the Light" and "Powerpuff Girls Flipped Out," the new RPG mobile game becomes one that every "Pokemon" lover could ever dream about.According to the outlet, the goal for "Teeny Titans" players is to control Robin in his quest to collect all 70 "Teeny Titans" miniature toys while battling with the villain called the "Hooded Hood."

Unlike "Pokemon" games, this Cartoon Network mobile app is designed in such a way that allows speed switching of three characters in every match. During a battle, the player has to fill up a meter where power ups are made available gradually.

While it may be similar, Kotaku says "Teeny Titans" is far from being a parody or spoof considering its "dynamic and exciting" gameplay. Check out Kotaku's sample gameplay below.

The game is now available in the official Cartoon Network website where download links can also be found. Of course, the game comes in three different formats to cater players using mobile phones running on iOS and Android as well as Kindle.

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