EA Shows Episode 1 of Medal of Honor: Warfighter's "SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Series"

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 30, 2012 06:08 PM EDT

It was recently revealed that the staff behind EA's upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter hired special "consultants" to ensure realism for the game. Real "I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you" make you pee your pants type people. In essence, they make Tom Beringer look pretty pathetic.

One of those consultants made his first "appearance" in the first part of "SEAL Team 6 Combat Training Series" to talk about the SEAL Snipers featured in Warfighter. As EA describes, "SEAL Snipers are universally feared for their innate ability to stalk, target and then peal apart the enemy from extreme distances while in total concealment. Combined with lethality and surgical precision, SEAL Snipers have a devastating and demoralizing effect on those who attempt to engage them."

In case the audio is a little too garbled, there is a transcription below the video. Check it out!

"As snipers, we typically patrol out in front of our assault teams. We usually are armed with thermals, obviously, night vision and infared lasers, different climbing tools to climb to the top of buildings, across from the target. For the assault team, it's vital that we get into positions of overwatch. When the assaulters make their final movement onto the objective, we turn around and focus out, providing additional security for them. Our snipers are some of the best in the business. By the time we get to the Tier One Command, we've got years of training and experience under our belt."

"We always adjust the gear we wear to the given mission...Snipers are absolutely a force multiply whether for Tier One, or for any other unit. The role of the sniper is still very critical. We're always working in small units, we don't have a lot of guys, and we're not there to hold ground. We're there to hit our target, and leave."

With nine more episodes on the way, we can expect to hear from plenty more of the consultants that helped make Warfighter the game EA hopes it will be.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be out on October 23, for PC, PS3, and XBox 360.

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