iPad Mini 5 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Thinner, Stronger iPad Mini 5 Could Be Available By September

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jul 05, 2016 12:25 PM EDT

iPad Mini 5 release date could be arriving very soon if recent estimates are correct. Reports also hint of possible iPad Mini 5 specs rumors as well as the very important matter of how much cash future owners will shell out of it - iPad Mini 5 price rumors.

iPad Mini 5 Spec and Features Rumors

Before discussing speculations on price and iPad Mini 5 release date, it is perhaps more fitting to discuss the upcoming iPad Mini specs rumors. For instance, Macworld UK's did a roundup of the latest rumors regarding its specs and was able to paint a pretty detailed picture of what buyers can reasonably expect in the coming gadget.

Design-wise, latest iPad Mini 5 specs rumors hits that the new mini would not deviate too greatly from the icon yet traditional design. As basis, if one looks at the latest iPad Mini 4 closely, it basically shares the same general design as the first iPad Mini. Of course there are a few minor enhancements but the genetic trait in its design philosophy remains basically the same.

Thinner iPad Mini 5 is coming

Since Apple has not given any indication that it's going to start from scratch in terms of the iPad Mini 5 design, it is reasonable to expect that a similar looking gadget will arrive when the iPad Mini 5 release date comes.

However, the new Mini will most likely be thinner than its predecessor. It has already technically possible as demonstrated by its competitors, the newer Samsung Tablets. For this reason, it is possible that Apple will jump into this thin is cool philosophy. Of course, the company cannot risk losing market share just because its product is perceived as bulky when iPad Mini 5 release date comes.

iPad Mini 5 Could Be Sturdier

Latest iPad Mini 5 specs rumors suggest that it could be a lot stronger than the previous Mini. This will be possible with the use of 7000-sereis aluminum chassis that is already being used by the likes of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPad Mini 5 Could Feature the 3D Touch system

The upcoming iPad Mini 5 could also feature the same screen technology that is already being used by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The pressure sensitive screen technology is called 3D Touch might be deployed in the upcoming iPad Mini 5 as well.

iPad Mini 5 Specs Rumors- Battery, Camera, Processor

A new, slimmer battery is also hinted at by latest iPad Mini 5 specs rumors that would make it possible for the unit to be thinner overall. The processor could be upgraded as well, with the faster A9 being rumored to replace the A8.

In terms of storage, latest iPad Mini 5 rumors predict that a 16GB iPad may no longer be offered. What would most likely be available are 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB variants.

Possible iPad Mini 5 Release Date

At the moment, speculations point at the Apples might not have to wait for very long for the gadget's release. In fact, the iPad Mini 5 release date is expected to be sometime in September this year.

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