Hideo Kojima Rumors, News & Updates: PS4 Game Has Glitches; 'Death Stranding' Failed To Surpass Metal Gear?

By Stella A. , Updated Jul 06, 2016 03:43 AM EDT

Despite the huge success that Hideo Kojima has gained for its "Metal Gear" work, rumors of the world-renowned game developer facing downturn for his new PS4 game "Death Stranding" is on the rise.

It appears that the rumors were spawned by glitches that could erupt while playing the game. It has been noted that Hideo Kojima's new game, "Death Stranding" might not work well with the setup and system of the PS4.

Although, it has not been affirmed, the rumors are still something to ponder on. Given the fact that Hideo Kojima was successful in the release of "Metal Gear," many are hoping that "Death Stranding" would follow suit.

In terms of the specs and features of "Death Stranding," Segment Next mentions that Hideo Kojima's new game is weirder in comparison to the other games released on the gaming arena.

Hideo Kojima was even blunt in relaying some details regarding his new game, "Death Stranding." According to him, the game would incorporate babies and it would have code names as well.

Given the fact that Hideo Kojima's image is on the line. His new game, "Death Stranding" has been rumored to soar pass the achievements of "Metal Gear."

Along that line, despite the aims of Hideo Kojima, it has been presumed that his legacy might fall owing to the weirdness and unpredictable direction of his game, "Death Stranding."

Many are asking on whether Hideo Kojima is regretting the creation of his new game and on whether he is just clinging to the notion that "Death Stranding" would overcome the stereotyping and not mess up in the gaming arena.

It stands to reason that Hideo Kojima's new game, "Death Stranding" boasts of Kojima's driving passion and his decision to integrate new platforms, reports Game & Guide.

As for the notion that "Death Stranding" would not surpass the legacy of "Metal Gear," that remains unknown. As for Hideo Kojima, it is difficult to determine his thoughts and his perceptions on whether new game would attain a breakthrough.

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