Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: 'Red Dead Redemption' Finally Makes It! Find Out When You Can Download the Game

By Staff Reporter , Updated Jul 06, 2016 09:37 AM EDT

The long wait is over! "Red Dead Redemption" will finally come to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature.

Yes, you read it right, and it's coming this Friday, July 8 on the Xbox One Store. News broke that game developer Rockstar has finally came around and the long overdue Red Dead Redemption can now be played by many. Of course, the months of agonizing wait now seemed like a wait that only started yesterday.

After Microsoft literally disappointed fans at recent E3 2016 event for not announcing anything about the XBox One backwards compatibility feature; you can say that it was more of a disappointment when nothing about the much awaited "Red Dead Redemption" was ever mentioned. Who can blame the fans? When at one point during the hype on the backwards compatible feature, the title did arrive on the Xbox One Store for a very short period of time?

Now, it looks like the game is staying for good and on Friday, imagine the surge of players wanting to play "Red Dead Redemption" on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. Gone are the days when Microsoft have to worry about licensing or Rockstar deciding whether they want the Red Dead Redemption to be a franchise title.

This is now, and the most voted title in the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature has been served. So what's next for the backwards-compatibility feature? For one, there's still Grand Theft Auto (GTA) trailing "Red Dead" and maybe, just maybe it will make it to the feature in the coming months. TheBitBag's bold prediction in June strongly lean on the "Red Dead Redemption" and it looks like they're right after all.

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