‘Darksiders 3’ Release Date, News & Update: Game Coming In December?; Possible Introduction of Third Horseman? [RUMORS]

By Andrian T. , Updated Jul 06, 2016 10:58 AM EDT

"Darksiders 3" was reportedly going to be launched December 2016, as online retail store base.com is taking pre-orders of the game for 50 pounds.

The website listed Dec. 31, 2016 as the release date for "Darksiders 3." However, the new owner of the game series, Nordic Games, is silent about the matter.

Vigil Games was the original game developer of the first two Darksiders installments. Nordic bought the game rights just after Vigil closed shop. The game has developed quite a following and many were expecting that "Darksiders 3" is already underway.

Meanwhile, aside from the "Darksiders 3" release date speculations, there have been speculations as to who will be the lead character of the imminent "Darksiders 3" game. Since the first installment focused on War while the second featured Death, it is highly likely that the third series will introduce a third horseman, either Strife or Fury.

Fans will be curious on how Nordic could affect the over-all "Darksiders 3" should Strife will be chosen as the main character in the upcoming game. Unlike War or Death, Strife is armed with twin pistols - the black pistol is called Mercy while the white one is named Redemption. If this will materialize, it may probably mean that the game will shift or include shooting, instead of the hack-and-slash type of combat.

The fourth horseman, Fury, may also appear as the main character in "Darksiders 3." Aside from the fact that she is the sole female among the four, reports have it that her primary weapon is a whip but she can also use her claws for close quarter combat.

Another "Darksider 3" speculation points to the possibility of making Strife and Fury as playable characters in the third installment, in order to make all of the Horsemen available to players in the fourth installment.

These are only speculations since Nordic Games has stubbornly refused to divulge any details about an upcoming third installment. No official release for "Darksiders 3" has also been set.

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