Tekken 7 Latest News & Update: Why Players May Not Like the Influence of Pokken Tournament to 'Tekken 7'

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Jul 07, 2016 10:17 AM EDT

Players who play fighting games like "Tekken 7" spend hours of playing in order to learn and master moves that will help them defeat their opponents. This can be tough and burdensome for some gamers, so a lot of them do not continue with the game.

Aware of this fact, "Tekken 7" creator Katsuhiro Harada thinks that there are means to pull in new players to the fighting games without having to make big changes in the games or reduce its complexities. In his interview with Siliconera, the Bandai Entertainment director shared how their company manages to bring in new audiences.

Harada said that trying out new things and introducing diverse characters helped them to stay at the top by gaining more users. Now, there are players, especially the new ones, who are wondering whether the "Tekken 7" has been influenced by "Pokken Tournament."

The latter is newer so it features fresh fighting strategies and moves that have not been commonly seen in other Bandai fighting games. For instance, in Pokken Tournament, Pokemon is receptive to counter-attacks which are good maneuver to thwart the opponent's hits. However, the player must quickly counter with a kick or punch if he does not want to be left wide open and be prone to continuous attacks.

This technique is considered advanced because it flusters and deters the enemies from receiving moves with an attack. Only the precise guesses and response can beat this technique.

It is possible to use this trick on "Tekken 7," although some players may not like the idea because some of the old fighting strategies will be useless if their opponents will choose to apply this in the game.

Meanwhile, Harada disclosed that "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution" is going to be released soon. When asked if the updated game is introducing new characters, the producer only said that they are not sure yet. He also told Gamespot that for fans who are hoping for the return of some notable characters, he does not have anything to say about it.

watch the Tekken inspired moves in Pokken:

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