'Elder Scrolls Online' News & Updates: Glitches For PS4 And Xbox One Brings Problems; Can Online Update Fix The Flaw?

By Stella A. , Updated Jul 10, 2016 08:29 AM EDT

The game that has brought for much scrutiny is once again feeling the pressure. The "Elder Scrolls Online" is noted to render unprecedented success for its developers but it has spawned issues and glitches as well. Recent updates have revealed of and flaw that has caused gamers dismay and disappointments.

According to Playstation Lifestyle, there is a new fix released by the developers to fix the issues pertaining to the "Elder Scrolls Online. Even the "Dark Brotherhood" DLC pack has gained success upon its release as well.

With the glitches unveiled, the developers are hoping to lessen the gamers' dismay by ensuring that the online update for "Elder Scrolls Online" would eventually work out. The update is also anticipated to pave the way to impede the glitches for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Also, with the update set to assist the glitches for the "Elder Scrolls Online," it would require a much bigger file such as upgrading with, or 780MB.

In addition, the update for "Elder Scrolls Online" is anticipated to counter the issues surrounding the gaming segment specially the Nightblade ability Teleport Strike, and other prevailing issues of controls and elements. It has also been indicated that the released update for "Elder Scrolls Online" is designed to incorrect idle animations, improve the speed and even the hurdles surrounding the Activity Finder.

On a different aspect, a separate report from Game & Guide has revealed that it aims on ending the bad notions and disappointments of the gamers for the "Elder Scrolls Online" segments. For one, "One Tamriel" was released so that it can assist the game that Bethesda has made and prevent more dismays from the gaming industry and ensure the legacy and strong presence of the "Elder Scrolls Online."

Moreover, the "Elder Scrolls Online" is a gaming segment that boasts of the prowess of Bethesda to deliver the best game on the gaming arena.

In regards to the upgrade for the "Elder Scrolls Online," many gamers are hoping that would ultimately end the glitches for the varying platforms such as the PS4 and Xbox One.

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