'Fallout 4' Latest News & Update: First Look Of Newest DLC To Come Tuesday! 'Fallout Shelter' Hits PC!

By Faye Jimenea , Updated Jul 11, 2016 11:22 AM EDT

It seems like Bethesda will have a very busy half-year especially when it comes to developing new downloadable content to their games and expanding them. According to recent news, Bethesda plans to bring "Fallout Shelter" to PC very soon.

Not only that, Bethesda has also announced that they will have a live stream of the newest "Fallout 4" downloadable content. Fans have known about the "Fallout 4" downloadable content that Bethesda planned to release soon.

Finally, Bethesda will give the fans what they wanted by giving them an idea of the new downloadable content. The downloadable content of "Fallout 4" is called Vault-Tech Workshop and it will be officially out later this month.

The "Fallout 4" Vault-Tech Workshop update will "build a brighter future underground with the all-new Vault-Tec Workshop. Create a massive vault and attract new dwellers using pre-war industrial kits complete with retro-nostalgic furniture, lighting, and art."

Aside from that, the "Fallout 4" Vault-Tech Workshop will also be "...like every good Overseer, run Vault-Tec approved experiments on your dwellers to learn what makes an ideal citizen. Vault-Tec has given you the tools, the rest is up to you!"

The live stream for "Fallout 4" Vault-Tech Workshop will be on Twitch this coming Tuesday. It also will cost player only $5 during its official release.

As for "Fallout Shelter", which is the popular mobile game from Bethesda, Bethesda has announced that they will bring the game to PC and it will arrive five days from its announcement. There is also a major update that will be dropping as well for "Fallout Shelter."

The Update 1.6 of "Fallout Shelter" will add new locations, enemies and characters for the players choosing. The players will also be able to send out dwellers on quests as well as an "all-new" combat system.

Bethesda promises to give more updates on any "Fallout 4" expansions in the future.

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