'Brawlout' Announcement Trailer Revealed, Game To Be Released Early Next Year

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Jul 12, 2016 08:30 AM EDT

If you love "Super Smash Bros.," you're gonna love "Brawlout." The game is created by Angry Mob Games, which by their name alone, seems to know a lot about fighting. Earlier this month, the game developer teased a new video game that they were working on, taking to Twitter to tease that the new release will be unveiled during the EVO 2016's "The Mix: EVO Indie Showcase."

The first trailer for Angry Mob Games' "Brawlout" has been released, and gamers can get a first look at the platform fighting game. According to Angry Mob's website, the game will enable players to compete in online and local battles, with up to eight player fights. Gamers can opt to fight solo or participate in online ranked tournaments. Like other games, they can customize their chosen characters by creating special attacks, new combo optons, and advanced tech moves to beat the opponent.

According to Angry Mob, "Each character is designed around a unique fighting style, to make each fight more strategic: grapple opponents, freeze them, dive kick their face, bomb them with projectiles or smash them with long range whips."

By evolving one's character, he or she can increase the rage meter, making the character even tougher. According to Mob Games, "Brawlout" was inspired by "Super Smash Bros.," while the combat moves and ground combos were inspired by games such as "Moral Kombat" and "Street Fighter."

Upon visiting the official website of "Brawlout," gamers can meet the fighters, but there's only five out of eight fighters unlocked on the site. There is an eagle, frog, monkey, and what looks like an ant, alog with a rhino with a bird sidekick. Three more characters are yet to be unveiled.

According to Gematsu, "Brawlout" will make its debut during EVO 2016 on July 15 and 16. For more information, visit brawlout.com.

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