'Mortal Kombat X' Latest News & Update: Kombat Pack 3 To Be Released Next Week? EVO 2016 Announcement and Expectations!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Jul 12, 2016 07:29 AM EDT

The upcoming "Mortal Kombat X" DLC Kombat Pack 3 is anticipated to be released and could be on hand very soon. Gamers will hear great news as the developer NetherRealm will announce its latest offer at the EVO 2016 held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this July 15-17.

The event will hold its annual championship series, different divisions will be playing amongst gamers of "Mortal Kombat X." While the developers are busy in making developments for another game that will come out due next year, one of the co-creators of the company, Ed Boon tweeted that "Mortal Kombat X" has been keeping high hopes for the fans.

'Mortal Kombat X' DLC Kombat Pack 3 added characters

Reports have it that the potential "Mortal Kombat X" DLC Kombat Pack 3 will debut at the EVO 2016 as gamers speculate that it is NetherRealm's highlight reel. Ed Boon said that there will be some characters added to the roster of the DLC.

Gamers hoped that more characters are to show up on the "Mortal Kombat X" DLC Kombat Pack 3 should NetherRealm announced the game update on the EVO 2016 in Las Vegas next week. However, fans should keep their hopes low until these reports are proven true.

'Mortal Kombat X' DLC for PC release date & update

If the event is not for the "Mortal Kombat X" DLC Kombat Pack 3 announcement, there is still good news for the gamers of PC. According to reports, the "Mortal Kombat X" dropped the DLC support for PC in the early month of 2016.

As expected, the "Mortal Kombat X" DLC drop has caused pandemonium among gamers. However, Ed Bood said that the fans were misinformed. Also, he revealed via another Twitter post that the Mac version of "Mortal Kombat X" is underway.

It is only a matter of days until EVO 2016 in Las Vegas comes up and gamers are just hoping that the speculations about "Mortal Kombat X" will come true. For more "Mortal Kombat X" news and updates, check us out on GamenGuide!

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