'Rocket League' Latest News & Update: Counter-Strike System Coming To Control Online Gambling, Will It Affect The Game?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 13, 2016 01:40 AM EDT

Afraid for continues gambling happening online, Psyonix is about to reveal a Counter-Strike style system for "Rocket League." However, this move also worries the player of the game because of the changes it might bring.

Loot Crates

On the "Rocket League" Reddit page, a crate and key card were seen posted on Sunday. However, fans are now thinking how this will affect their favorite video game.

Psyonix explained that the seen crate will be only like other DLC for "Rocket League." It will only affect the aesthetic development of the title and won't really concern the gameplay, according to Eurogamer.

"Those assets are, indeed, early pieces of an upcoming system we plan on implementing to fund our eSports prize pools and events," Psyonix explained. "We plan on officially announcing it next month at (or near) the RLCS Live Finals since it directly relates to that event and other events like it, but since this image came out before our official word, we wanted to clarify some things for you."

Other Changes

Other than that, the loot crates will also allow the "Rocket League" players to hide "all mention of the system" through the menu's checkbox if they want to, as per IGN.

The loot crates, too, won't impinge "Rocket League" play-based item drop mechanics. It also won't affect the current DLC rules of free and paid game-changing content.

Online Gambling

Psyonix revelation of loot crates came after the controversial online gambling surrounding the Counter-Strike loot on "Rocket League." Eurogamer noted that YouTube stars are unknowingly involved in promoting the said wrongdoing and they, too, are the ones earning from it.

Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham described that the new "Rocket League" system will not let the latest crate loots to be used in online gambling and betting sites, IGN added.

Jeremy Dunham went on to explain that they are very much aware of the betting system surrounding "Rocket League." In fact, they are now addressing the problem of third-party gambling and they make sure to take control of it.

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