‘Overwatch’ Latest News & Update: Fans Go Crazy Over The Badass Sniper Mom, What’s The Hidden Message Behind Ana’s Origin Trailer?

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Jul 14, 2016 07:31 AM EDT

The first post-launch character will be coming to "Overwatch" and the Internet has gone crazy over the badass sniper mom. Interestingly, the origin trailer revealed more of Ana than her tenacious surviving skills and healing powers.

Ana As The Caring Mom In 'Overwatch'

Blizzard Entertainment revealed on Tuesday the origin trailer of the latest character to join "Overwatch." According to the report, the trailer does not only reveal the background of Ana but it hides a secret message about her.

Ana is the mother of Pharah Amari, Kotaku described Ana's origin in "Overwatch." She is known as one of the fiercest leaders of the heroic "Overwatch" organization. She is said to head in any battle.

After ascending on top, she was shot in the head by Widowmaker. However, Ana wasn't entirely dead. She remains alive in "Overwatch," keeping one good eye on the events unfolding before her.

Deciding that she couldn't just observe and do nothing, Ana joins "Overwatch." She is an old caring soul, who has instincts for caring and looking after.

The Hidden Message in Ana's Trailer

Meanwhile, Polygon reported that they have uncovered a hidden message in the origin trailer of Ana released by Blizzard Entertainment. At about 1:16 into the video, a still frame featured a series of hex values. Avid "Overwatch" fans may be able to spot the message.

A sequence of numbers appeared twice in the video and an "Overwatch" subreddit figured that meaning of the sequence. They translated the code to be: "Whoever has the power; has the information."

It's not entirely definite how the message can play into "Overwatch's" gameplay. Is this a hint on the upcoming gameplay mode coming to the game? Or is this something that discusses the relationship between Ana and Sombra?

What do you think does the hidden message reveal? Hit us with your comments below. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer below.

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