‘Gun Glory: Anarchy’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Third-Person Shooting Game Filled With Guns and 3D Graphics

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jul 14, 2016 12:05 PM EDT

There are plenty of shooting games to get right now as developers try to come up with the best rendering game on their mobile devices. “Gun Glory: Anarchy” hopes to be among the choices and the third-person shooting game is showing promise.

The plot of “Guns Glory: Anarchy” is not necessarily different from most shooting games available at the moment. Players need to journey and figure out how to take down a terrorist organization who wants to rule the world.

The storyline of “Guns Glory: Anarchy” seems like a ho-hum goal which brings most players to the game details. Graphics and the features come into mind, both of which look promising thus far.

3D exemplified

As game display becomes overly demanding, “Guns Glory: Anarchy” brings impressive 3D graphics as best as it can to offer gamers the best touch-based interface while enjoying their adventure.

The developers have somehow made it easy with an auto-move system, allowing players to focus mostly on firing their guns at enemies. While this could take out the challenge from some players, there are some who will certainly welcome easier game play.

30 weapons to choose from

Being a shooting game, the weapon of choice seems abundant. To be exact, there will be 30 weapons players can choose from, all upgradeable to give players the flexibility of using the right weapon at the right time.

Being a warrior for “Guns Glory: Anarchy”, the weapon of choice will be critical. Players can choose from among assault or sniper rifles as they look to complete game missions or test their mettle against other players.

Speaking of multiplayer gaming, “Gun Glory: Anarchy” allows players to engage in PVP matches. This can be done through the ‘crazy arena’ where mercenaries can slug it out with other players.

Take note that there is a balance system in place on ‘Arena Mode’ to ensure that player are properly leveled and pitted for fair play.

The best part of “Gun Glory: Anarchy” that it is free to play. The only requirement is that your mobile device runs on the latest Android or iOS operating system.

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