'Street Fighter 5' News: Update Fixes A Lot Of Bugs, List of Character Improvements Here

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Jul 15, 2016 09:47 AM EDT

"Street Fighter 5," which released earlier this year on the Playstation 4 and the PC, was heavily panned for not really being a complete game, presenting with a lot of issues and glaring absences. What resulted at launch is a "Street Fighter 5" that was extremely unbalanced.

That all changes with the newest "Street Fighter 5" update—which is the latest in a slew of delayed updates—fixing various performance bugs all across the board for most of its 20 playable characters. Here's a partial list from GameSpot:

Cammy: In "Street Fighter 5," Cammy can throw an opponent that emerges from a damage animation and attempts to crouch from that animation. Capcom fixes this by disabling the throw from that state.

Nash: Nash seems to be one of the buggiest characters, if not the buggiest character in "Street Fighter 5." His opponents could inexplicably pass through him when they approach him from behind while he performs a Sonic Boom. Capcom fixes this by extending the collision box of the move all the way to Nash's feet.

Another bug was Nash's collision box malfunctioning when he was stunned, which they also fixed. A V-Trigger and V-Reversal hit at the same time also caused a bug where the camera would temporarily not work properly, which Capcom also fixed.

F.A.N.G.: When a player would perform F.A.N.G.'s M. or H. Ryobenda moves, his lower body collision box would inexplicably disappear while he does the moves. 

Rashid: When a player would perform Rashid's Flap Spin, V. Spinning Mixer, and Dash Spinning Mixer moves, for some reason the opponent's guard motion would not be forced. Also, when the player performs an EX Eagle Spike move from the Front Flip, there is no allowance on the game's end for both of the kick button presses. Rashid actually has a lot of bugs (and might very well be the buggiest, I stand corrected) that were fixed by the update.

Birdie: Birdie's Bull Slider move didn't have a throw box, making him invincible to throws during the move. This has been fixed.

Alex: Alex's V-Skill isn't negated when he hits an opponent with an attack, when his attack is guarded, or when he gets hit by an opponent's attack when it's supposed to.

Ken: Ken would do an extra Shoryuken in the opposite direction when the opponent jumps over any of his Shoryuken variants. Also, his H. Shoryuken can take over a trade, giving the Ken player the upper hand. Capcom fixes both of these.

Ryu: Capcom fixes Ryu's Jodan Sanrengeki move so that the opponent doesn't animate weirdly when they get hit as they move from standing to crouching. Also, players can now cancel the first-half of a Mind's Eye to another Mind's Eye.

The new "Street Fighter 5" update released back in July 1.

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