‘Berserk Warriors’ Game Latest News, Release Date & Update: Dynasty Warriors-Style Game Heading Out West

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jul 17, 2016 09:02 PM EDT

“Berserk Warriors”, a new game from Omega Force featuring a new Dynasty Warriors-style play based on the popular anime series will be headed West across popular gaming platforms such as the PS4, PS Vita and the PC.

“Berserk Warriors” is the unofficial but working title for now and was originally set for release in Japan. The game was mentioned by Koei Tecmo at E3 2016 and even had a release date in mind for the Japanese market – September 21, Game Spot reported.

“Berserk Warriors” plot

For those who are not familiar with the anime and manga series “Berserk”, it may be hard to comprehend on what to expect and appreciate the game.

“Berserk Warriors” is a dark fantasy series set in medieval Europe that will star a main character named “Guts”. A press release calls it a fusion of one versus thousands’ of style action from the anime series, adopting the same atmosphere from the said show.

Players can expect tons of challenges as they battle their way against hordes of enemies, eventually giving gamers a different kind of feel from the actual anime/manga series.

More to that, developers will be incorporating different battle strategies to bring “Berserk Warriors” to life, meaning there will be magic and some transformations in store.

“In this game, players can experience and immerse themselves into the world of Berserk as the main character Guts, wielding his powerful weapon Dragon Slayer mercilessly slashing enemies in half, and through the massive story beginning with the Golden Age arc. The game content will be enjoyable even to those who don't normally play games, so we hope all fans of Berserk will give this game a go,” said Tecmo in a press release.

“Berserk Warriors” available out West

With Japan already having an official release date, the Western regions have been confirmed to be getting one as well and it will happen in the Fall. Both physical and digital versions of the game will be available for the PS4, while Vita and PC can be obtained only via the digital route.

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